Episode 9 – “Live” from Leisurefest 1

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Self-explanatory title, we are live from Melbourne’s Leisurefest.

Special Guest – Rob Lucas – CEO, CIA Vic.

Adele – Caravanning with Kids.com.au

Backseat Cinema – Despicable Me 3


Tow Ball Ratings

Timbo – 2.5 tow balls

Paula – 3.75 tow balls

Simon – 4 tow balls

Max – 1 tow ball


Mad Max Road ‘Worrier’

Getting the most out of shows like Leisurefest


A-   A to Z Driving Songs ‘I’

Paula – I Fall to Pieces – Patsy Cline

Timbo – I’m Wrong About Everything – John Wesley Harding

Simon –  I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Max Taylor – I Can’t Wait – Stevie Nicks

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